Beyonce Is Back With The Bayang Like It Never Left.

Beyonce has been gracing us with instagram updates showing herself and Jay-Z living life abundantly. If the fact that Queen Bey is letting us in on her whereabouts isn’t enough she’s letting us know that it was time for the chop.

I know we’re all still dealing with the trauma from the 2014 baby bang incident- that we do not blame her for! Beyone’s bang journey has definitely taken us through it but it hasn't been all bad.

2006. The Bday Bang

This bang was wispy and fun but short lived.

2010. The Desperate Bang

In the music video of her single titled Why Don’t You Love Me she gives us self-cut bangs at it’s best.

2012. The Chic Bang

This is the bang that lets you hide what’s on your mind.

2014. The I Hate It Here Bang

Yes we have eyes and yes we know it looks like Blue got a hold of Beyonce’s hair with a pair of scissors but what we’re not gonna do is read Queen Bey!

This brings us to our most recent Bey-ang.

2021. The Side-Part Bang

I didn’t know you could side-part your bangs but you learn something new everyday.

Bangs obviously have a tight hold on Beyonce and we gone stick beside her!

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