Big Sean Post Photos Of The New Movie Theater He’s Building In Detroit

The Detroit rapper posted a construction update of the new movie theater experience he’s bringing to Detroit. From shouting out Detroit in his music, Big Sean has always held his city down in ways most celebrities don’t.

In 2020 he accepted a role with the Detroit Pistons as the Creative Director of Innovation. And is most recently getting back to work on the movie theater project that was postponed due to the pandemic.

Two years ago Big Sean announced his partnership with Emagine movie theater in hopes of bringing cinema back to Detroit but the pandemic had other plans. Construction was called to a halt when the world went into lockdown in the beginning of last year.

Today Big Sean shared a picture of the theater showing that the construction is back underway.

“Building my 1st movie theatre in Detroit, pandemic slowed us down but it’s on the way!!! A dream come true, what else should I put in here? Arcade? Lounge? Bowling? A intimate Venue? Community Center? Let me know” Big Sean added.

His fans responded with excitement and how proud they are of him for building his city up. Some even said that they would like a meditation center to be in the theater but I’m not sure if that will work with all the loud noise BUT the people of Detroit definitely deserve it.

Detroit hasnt had consistent movie theater options since the 70s. Two years ago when Big Sean first announced that he would be building a new movie theater for the community he spoke about a time during his childhood when he had to drive all the way to the suburbs surrounding Detroit in order to go to the movies.

The Emagine movie theaters are a luxury viewing experience with reclining chairs, gourmet snacks, reserved seating and in-seat service. Which means you don’t have to get out of your seat for a thing- unless you’re one of those people that like to use the restroom in the middle of a movie.

The theater will be downtown for the communities enjoyment. And we can’t wait to see the venue when is all said and done!

BIG congrats Big Sean!

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