Miss Major Is Doing Well After Having The Right Side of Her Foot Amputated.

Updated: Nov 10

The Miss Major camp has updated her social media accounts with a message to her audience that she’s been hospitalized for more than a week since having the right side of her foot amputated.

Messages from Major about the health issues she was facing began on October 5, 2021 when she tweeted

“I have been feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of weeks and ask for you all to send love and positivity my way. I love you all and hope to be back to my old self soon.“

She shared that her health hadn’t been the best the past few weeks without going into detail about her symptoms. Many of her fans, friends and family responded with positive messages and get well soon tweets.

Major posted family pictures on Halloween to social media where she looks seemingly happy with her 10 month old son Asiah. Although, the very next day November 1, 2021 she posted a message to her Instagram audience that described the health issues she was going through in the moment. Major was super transparent in her instagram message

“the last time I posted I wasn’t feeling well, it was due to a problem in my right foot. Today I found they will remove my right little toe” she says.

This means Major had been in the hospital for what looks to be a little over a week due to the problems she was having with her right foot based on her social media timeline. During that time doctors found infections in a wounded area of her right foot that were subsequently causing her to experience symptoms like feeling lethargic and running a fever. After hearing the news from the doctors she thought they’d most likely have to remove her right pinky toe. Major was able to mentally prepare before the procedure took place. Doctors were able to give Major medicine to numb her foot before the surgery. Normally, having your toe or toes amputated is an outpatient procedure. But in Major’s case doctors had to remove the entire right side her right foot- which is way more than a pinky toe.

Amputation procedures require the surgeon to cut the skin in order to remove the bone and tissue. Then the remaining healthy skin is used to close the wound. Since the procedure was a success her fever has stopped and she’s feeling much better. Right now Major is waiting be transferred to an inpatient physical therapy recovery center according to the updates on Miss Major’s social media platforms.

Having a ligament amputated can be agonizing. And learning how to adjust to be being differently abled can be irksome.

After a foot amputation, you will probably have bandages, a rigid dressing, or a cast over the remaining part of your leg or foot. The leg or foot may be swollen for 4 weeks or longer after your surgery.

according to myhealth.alberta.ca.

We don’t know how long before Miss Major will be out of recovery and back home with her partner Beck and 10 month old baby Asiah.

Since going public about her current health status her followers have flooded her comments with positive messages and healing prayers. Miss Major is a Black-Transwoman who is a LGBTQ+ Leader and Activists that we must protect at all costs! Sending a MAJOR Love you Miss Major.

I’ll be following this story for more updates on our Black Queer Icon.

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