Shows That Will Grab Your Attention Even If Its Short

Now most of us in 2021 have the attention spans of a Chihuahua so sitting down for hours to binge watch a show is a chop! Of course you want to watch the hottest shows streaming so you'll know what twitter is meme-ing about today but thats easier said than done. Believe me I've tried everything to get my mind to fall in love with shows beyond the trailer that I really did enjoy.

From Netflix to Hulu here go 5 shows that will turn you into a professional binge watcher- now let's get it!

5 Shows For Your Wandering Mind

Never Have I Ever

Being awkward in high-school is a part of the game unless you were popular- and if that's the case- THIS AIN'T FOR YOU! We've all played this crazy game of telling your friends all of your wildest shenanigans that you expect no one else has done but in this series you get to see the shit hit the fan right in front of your eyes- literally! Don't worry about the five minute rule on this one because the first episode takes off quicker than Flo Jo.

Devi is an Indian-American teen that's chronically overwhelmed and is triggered by almost any and everything, which I don't know about you but is quite relatable. Like most of us she just wants to be to considered normal despite being publicly embarrassed by her own actions and sometimes her family. This show is 100% relatable for any demographic and believe me when I say there's a little bit of Devi in all of us. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the episodes are thirty minutes max and there's two seasons to binge now on Netflix!

Only Murders In The Building

If the name of this thirty minute mystery doesn't make you squint a little harder the friendship between a 20 something year old girl and two 60 year old men should!

Selena Gomez (Mabel), Steve Martin (Charles) and Martin Short (Oliver) star in this old-fashion "who done it" with a completely modern twist. Charles and Oliver are two has beens of New York City while Mabel looks too have just moved into their building with a seemingly non-existent social life. These characters may sound like a bunch of nosy neighbors and even though that's the case they find out the suicide on the sixth floor is actually a murder and it makes them more curious than ever to find out who the killer is. Mind you, these self proclaimed detectives decide to document their investigation on their new murder mystery podcast- i guess no one told them thats the easiest way to tip off the culprit. Hulu has the lock and key on this one and we aren't even done with season one so you have time to catch up with the rest of us.


BDSM is the new frontier in this Netflix series. The play on words is what did it for me, I mean there is a lot of bonding time between these brought together again besties but that has nothing on the intro to bondage you're about to get into.

Tiff is a student by day and dominatrix by night with her fresh out of the closet gay bff Pete as her assistant. These two find themselves changing lives and destroying their own in the process. Tiff struggles with balancing school, work, a raging bff and her awkward romantic life which oddly enough is solely due to her off the clock personality. The only thing taboo about this show is being the only one not watching.

Glo Up

Everyone deserves a glo-up and this show can teach you how to do just that. Ten talented makeup artist are brought together to compete against each other for the career boost of a lifetime.

Now, anywhere three or more makeup gawds gather faces begin to crack! Being stuck in a room with people just a skilled as you can already be nerve wrecking then add on the stress of having to do you makeup in a rush and you've got me in a full on panic attack. Each 30 minute episode teaches you new makeup techniques and face changing hacks that will step your makeup application game all the way up (in my Fat Joe voice). You can stream third season of this gem now on Netflix.


Do I even need to tell you why to watch this one? Clickbait is a huge no no when it comes to social media but in this dramatic ass mystery you wont stop watching. For starters, Pia's bob dose not move the entire season and I have to shoutout hair and makeup for the continuity.

Pia is a party girl that doesn't give two flying firebirds about her family until she loses her brother Nick. Now Pia is left to sort out the pieces to the puzzle because no one else can stay awake for 72 hour straight without needing to eat sleep or drink- water. Each episode dives into a different characters POV to help make sense of the gruesome crime. This show will make you second guess the terms and agreements on every app you sign into for the rest of your life. Go ahead and sign into your Netflix and stream it honey boo (remember I said that)!

I'm sure all of the new streaming services are gagging right now the Netflix still has a hold on us like this.

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