Today Is Miss Lawrence's Birthday

Celebrating a birthday in the midst of success and positivity is a gift in itself. Miss Lawrence is an actor, singer, fashion enthusiast, iconic hair stylist and ballroom legend.

Born and raised in Southern Atlanta, Georgia, it was difficult to find images of representation on billboards and TV screens. Since then, Miss Lawrence has become the representation the LGBTQ+ community needs. Having a supporting role in the Empire spin-off Star and The United States Vs Billie Holiday, Miss has shined a bright light on what it is to gender nonconforming and hella talented!

Miss Lawrence kicked off her birthday week with an insightful interview on the daytime talk show The Real. While Loni Love and Jeannie Mai Jenkins sat down with Miss Lawrence to chat about the new series they’ll be starring in, Bros a brief conversation about pronoun awareness came up where Miss said that they don’t go by a specific pronoun as long as you are respectful spoken like a gender nonconforming ICON!

Miss Lawrence is also bringing the LGBTQ and cis-hetero communities together with an event called The Family Table sponsored by Ciroc. This purpose of this event is to bridge the gap between the black LGBTQ and cis-hetero communities. Now if Miss Lawrence ain't a gift from God then I don’t know what is! They are living proof that when you lead with positivity, your talent and a kind heart you can accomplish your every dream.

Enjoy your slay day and don’t forget to do it like it’s your bday! Happy Birthday Miss Lawrence.

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